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Spendor D7.2. Yesterday I auditioned the Spendor D7.2 and loved it. Firm lows, crisp mids and highs. Lots of detail and clarity, but smooth. I love it in this colour. It’s a great looking slender speaker. Listened to them on an Audio Analogue Puccini anniversary amplifier. These might just be the speakers for me..

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All in all, the Spendor D7 is a wonderful loudspeaker. They will challenge the rest of your system and your digital files or LP's to bring their A game. The D7 is the sort of audio component that you buy once and you're done, they're that good. Starting at $7,695 CDN a pair, they're not an impulse purchase.

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What HFL Thinks. Spendor D7 Speakers – Spendor are one of the longest running and most respected speaker manufacturers in the world today, and for good reason, if you like a natural, unforced, open and clean sound then look no further, whether it is a small bookshelf speaker or a reference monitor they have it covered..

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Apr 28, 2020 · It doesn't have the off axis notches and peaks the Spendor does as shown below. So the Revel looks to be better in almost every important regard, a bit cheaper too. Thanks to Stereophile for all these measures. Smart shoppers are paying well under $4,000 for F208s and F228 can be had for $7,500 and under a pair..

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I guess that is the typical pitfall for the audiophile. We then had the PMC Twenty5.24 set up and they just did not have the control of the Spendors. The lows just weren’t as clear and defined. Not a bad speaker though. They just did not do much for me. We then had the B&W 804 D3s hooked up to the Nait.

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Mar 09, 2020 · Spendor D7.2, Focal Kanta 2, B&W 804 D3, PMC twenty5.24 and Audiovector R3. The other day I was finally able to listen to the Spendor D7.2s on the Naim Supernait 3. I walked into a store, talked to a guy working there and another customer interjected us. He told me he was going to listen to everything on my list and asked if I would join him..

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Spendor D7.2. Yesterday I auditioned the Spendor D7.2 and loved it. Firm lows, crisp mids and highs. Lots of detail and clarity, but smooth. I love it in this colour. It’s a great looking slender speaker. Listened to them on an Audio Analogue Puccini anniversary amplifier. These might just be the speakers for me..

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Description 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker Enclosure type Rigid asymmetric braced cabinet with dynamic damping Vent type Fifth generation Spendor linear flow, tapered twin-venturi port Input connection Single pair recessed precision binding posts Typical in-room response 29Hz – 25kHz Power handling 200 watts unclipped programme.

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Both Spendors are fairly sizeable loudspeakers. They're not inexpensive either: £4,500 / $6,395 / €5,850 for the D7.2 floorstander and £5,600 / $7,995 / €7,300 for the Classic 1/2 standmount. We need stands for the Classic 1/2. Spendor supplied me with a pair of black open-frame stands from HiFi Racks.

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Today we go through a Spendor D7.2 Review and I outline why I feel this is the HiFi allrounder to beat at the sub 5k Euros price point!.

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Audiophile Zone High End Affordable Audio Los Osos California Spendor D7.2 [D7] - The Best Spendors EverNow even better in the 7.2 model! Spendor's new 'flagship' loudspeaker combines distinctive modern styling with state-of-the-art engineering. The Spendor D7.2 is an elegant, modern, medium-size, 2.5 way, floor-standing loudspeaker, that delivers music with a fresh. #7 I've only heard D7 and from conversations with owner they need a little bit more than 2 feet from back to sound their best. I'd go with your ears and not doubt yourself. Not really heard Spendors that I didn't like. eazyryder and Al ears E eazyryder Well-known member Sep 3, 2009 69 27 18,570 Mar 25, 2020 #8.

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SPENDOR D7 SPECIFICATIONS. DESCRIPTION 2.5-way floorstanding. DRIVE UNITS 2 x LF 180mm, HF 22mm. HxWxD 980 x 192 x 333mm. WEIGHT 21kg. RESPONSE 29Hz - 25kHz. IMPEDANCE 8 Ohms. AMPLIFIER 25-200watts. SENSITIVITY 90dB.

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Add to Compare. Spendor D7.2 Floorstanding Speakers - Black Ash (Ex Display). The Spendor A7 is a major revision of the highly acclaimed Spendor A6R floor standing loudspeaker. ... SPENDOR A7 SPECIFICATIONS. DESCRIPTION 2-way shelf mount. DRIVE UNITS LF 180mm, HF 22mm. HxWxD 934 x 180 x 305mm. WEIGHT 18kg. RESPONSE 32Hz - 25kHz..

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Sep 16, 2018 · Fellow Listeners, Now that I have heard B&W 683,703s2, Kef R500/700, Russel K 120/150, Audio Physics Avant 30/20, Monitor Audio 200 gold/silver, Kii3, PMC 20.24, 25.23, 25.24, Harbeth 30.1 and SHL5+, and Dynaudio Contour 20 and Special 40, it was time for the Spendor D7 in a head to head matchup with my front runner (passive) the Special 40..

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Feb 28, 2022 · I had a solid 2 weeks of extended listening to the Spendor D7.2 this way and have now had 2 weeks of similar amounts of listening to the DeVore O/93. First impressions: Bass authority, soundstage “weight/size”, natural vocals/acoustic instruments The D7.2 and the O/93 are rated very similarly for lower frequency at 29Hz and 30Hz respectively..

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Spendor D7.2 • HiFi Choice "I was impressed by the soundstaging of the original D7, but this is better still. It's not the most commanding speaker, but can still throw stereo images around the room with real zeal, and the new version is even better. Instruments have a more defined location in the recorded acoustic.".

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Spendor D7.2 Ořech - Reprosoustavy - HiFi Bazar : V nákupním košíku: 0 . Hodnota nákupu: 0 K ... Prodám nové nerozbalené reprosoustavy. V záruce. Koupeny v ČR u distributora. Provedení ořech. Kontaktovat inzerenta. Váš e-mail. Text odpovědi. Opište kód z obrázku:.

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At the heart of the A7 is a Spendor 7″ bass-mid drive unit which incorporates key materials developed for Spendor ’s flagship D7 ... The US retail price is $4,995 and in $5,995 in Canada. All Spendor loudspeakers are entirely designed and hand-built in-house in Great Britain.
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